Are You Giving an Offering or Sacrifice with Toussaint Romain

“One Flap From a Butterfly’s Wing Can Cause a Hurricane Around the World.”  In season 6 Episode 7 we are joined by Toussaint Romain.  He serves as an Assistant Public Defender, an Adjunct Professor, and is actively involved in his community. 

Toussaint received national recognition for the role he played in working for peace during major rioting in Charlotte, NC. But as he tell us in the show this has been his work long before some highly publicized nights. Our conversation is authentic, real, and pushes the boundaries on what most would consider a comfortable conversation… 

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- Why changing the race narrative is so important

- What can and should be done in both black and white communities

- Why challenging out implicit bias is critical

- What the 4 most important letters in Leadership really are.

- What's the difference between giving and offering vs sacrifice

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