9 Leadership Lessons Learned in 2017

In season 12 episode 6, John Eades covers the 9 best leadership lessons from 2017.  Regardless if you are a CEO, front-line manager or you aspire to move into leadership there is a lesson for you.

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1. A person who is humble, hungry, and smart adds value to a team in any environment - Pat Lencioni

2. Great leaders believe in their people and hold them to a high standard - Jon Gordon

3. Values are developed by what you reward, recognize and talk about- Howard Behar

4. The single greatest people skill is an authentic interest in another person Bob Burg

5. Leaders create the culture that drives behavior which produces the results- Brian Kight

6. Build a company you truly want to work for one that loves and serves people - Casey Crawford

7. Make decisions to become the person you aspire to be- Jimmy Collins

8. Transfer belief to your kids every day “You are going to do great and mighty things” - Bob Beaudine

9. Great leaders want decisions to be made where the information is - David Marquet

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