Decide Who You Want to Be Then Become It with Tom Bilyeu

"You are capable of achieving so little by yourself, so taking care of your team is critical" In season 6 Episode 4 we are joined by Tom Bilyeu the Co-founder of Quest Nutrition, Creator of Inside Quest, and now CEO and Host of Impact Theory.  

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We covered a ton of ground in our discussion including: 

- Why you always have to be moving the goal post on yourself

- Why it’s important you put maximum effort in

- What are you going to be the best in the world at?

- Why persuasion is so important in leadership

- Persuasion is far less intellectual and far more emotional

- Why the 3 layers of the brain is so important

- Wellness is a 360-degree endeavor

- Why community is so important in business and life

- Why self-belief is so important

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