Leadership Lessons from Wall Street with Steve Starker

"Your reputation travels with you everywhere so do things the right way." In Season 4 Ep. 6 we are joined by Steve Starker the co-founder of BTIG a global financial services firm specializing in institutional trading.  Steve is intense and passionate about a lot of things, Wall Street included. Truth is unless you live in Manhattan or have worked inside a trading room its hard to comprehend the environment these professionals go to work in everyday. There are plenty of lessons from Steve that you can apply in your own life because there is no doubt he knows a thing or two about how to live a successful life.  

Check out BTIG Charity Day we discuss here.

Here are some highlights from our discussion:

- Why your reputation travels with you everywhere

- How to live in a world of black and white

- Why does his leadership team lead on the front lines

- Where his intensity comes from and why it’s important

- Why charity and giving is so important for leaders

- Why time is the best investment Steve has made

- How to look at every event as an opportunity to learn

- Why spouses are so important in being a good leader

- What all young professionals should do to stand out

- Why humility is critical in leadership


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