Actualizing Your Leadership Potential with Dr. Will Sparks

Actualizing your leadership potential is difficult to do because of our shadows.  This week's guest, Dr. Will Sparks, discusses how understanding your shadow and increasing your knowledge can take your leadership skills and workplace performance to new levels.  Dr. Sparks is the an author, professor, and business owner whose purpose is to help improve people's performance.  

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We covered a lot of ground:

- What are shadows? 3:00

- Why are shadows important? 4:00

- What’s the hardest thing about leading today? 6:00

- Why social media can be good and bad 8:45

- What is actualized leadership 15:00

- How do you find the lion that swallowed you?

- What is the definition of leadership? 18:15

- Can anyone become a leader? 19:00

- How to assess your leadership skill level? 22:00

- Should professionals go out and get an MBA? 28:00

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