The Power of Situational Leadership with Sam Shriver

"There is no such thing as a bad leadership style, its all a function of when you do what you do."  

In Season 8 episode 6 we are joined by Sam Shriver. He is the Executive VP of Research and Development at the Center For Leadership Studies. He has designed and developed over 200 custom leadership and coaching programs and is one of the best minds in the country when it comes to organizational leadership and effectiveness.

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In our conversation we cover:

- Why the Former CEO of Ford Alan Mulally is such a great example of leadership

- What is Situational Leadership?

- Perfect advice to young leaders

- Why moving into leadership is a big deal?

- Why there is a disconnect between the C-Suite and the employee base?

- Why Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo payout creates a gap between leaders and employees

- The types of leaders young leaders should try and emulate

You can learn more about Situational Leadership here.

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