The Power of Asking for Forgiveness with Dr. Shann Ferch

It requires great discipline to live from a depth of humility and gratitude.  In season 5 episode 2, we are joined by Dr. Shann Ferch. Shann is an author, professor at Gonzaga University and leadership consultant who brings a message to corporate America about love and power that is unmatched.  Learn more about Dr. Ferch at and check out his new novel, American Copper at Bookstores everywhere. 

Check out his hit TEDx video here.

 Our conversation was deep and intense and I loved every minute of it. A few of the topics we covered included:

- How power and love intersect in leadership

- Why admitting your faults is critical in leadership

- Lessons learned from Martin Luther King

- Why asking for forgiveness is so important in leadership

- Why servant driven companies make more money than those that aren’t

- Why mentoring is so critical in life

- How important discipline is to be humble and grateful in life

- What’s harder leading at work or leading at home?

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