How to be an Authentic and Purpose Driven Leader with Jay Shah

Shah Quote Image

“As I continue to be a student of the leadership, I have to continue to be real and lead with authenticity”

In season 20 episode 3, we are joined by Jay Shah.  He is the CEO of Personal Capital a company who gives its customers a whole new way to understand, manage, and grow their money.

In the show we cover:

- What is the difference between the CEO and COO

- How do you channel ambition to become CEO

- Why company mission and purpose are so important

- What two financial questions you should ask yourself

- Why it’s important to stay close to your employees

- How do you scale leadership across the organization

- How do you build a strategy?

- Why diversity and inclusion is so important today from a leadership perspective

- What’s the ROI of being a purpose-driven organization and culture driven?



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