Why Leaders Must Embrace Their Example with Sarah Cherne

“Things are taught and caught by people watching you.”

In season 10 episode 6 we are joined by Sarah Cherne.  She is the  CEO of Junior Achievement of Central Carolinas, you can learn more about them at jacarolinas.org.  

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In our conversation we cover:

  • How Non-Profit Work Found Sarah
  • How to move up in an organization early in your career
  • Advice to working women with families at home
  • The importance of early morning disciplines
  • The routine Sarah uses to maintain peak performance
  • Why diversity of thought is important in organizational leadership
  • Why passion is so important in leadership
  • The toughest decisions leaders have to make
  • How to handle disappointment and failure
  • Why it’s important to embrace resistance
  • How to help others embrace perseverance
  • The best advice Sarah ever received

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