How to Lead a Team with Mike Rucker former NFL Pro Bowler

“It’s the culture a leader sets that dictates the team's path”

In season 10 episode 7, we are joined by Mike Rucker a former NFL Pro-bowler who played 8 seasons for the Carolina Panthers. He was a workhorse during his NFL career accumulating 55 sacks during his career and only missing 4 games in his career. Where he is more impressive than anything he did on the field, is how he is a leader off of it.

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In our conversation we cover:

  • Why losing is where the best lessons are learned
  • Why talent and leadership are keys to success
  • T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Achieves More 
  • What you can learn from Sam Mills and #keeppounding 
  • Why communication is so key in leadership
  • Why Mentorship is important for young professionals

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