3 Steps to Be a Better Sales Coach with Rob Jeppsen


"Don't be afraid of experience, first."  In season 5 episode 4 we are joined by Rob Jeppsen the Founder and CEO of XVoyant, a Sales Coaching Technology organization committed to helping organizations develop world-class sales coaches. He has over 21 years of direct sales and sales leadership experience, working in some awesome companies like HireVue and Zion Bank and being responsible for hundreds of sales professionals and Billions in Revenue.

We covered a ton of great topics including:

- What the best sales leaders do

- Why modeling what good looks like is so important

- 3 Steps to being a better coach 

- Why patience is so important in your professional journey

- What’s harder leading at home or leading at work

- Advice to and modern professional interested in coaching or managing professionals

- What are great sports coaches to model

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