How to Build an Exceptional Company Culture with Phil Burgess

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“Don’t treat the symptoms treat the fundamental cause of culture issues”

In season 19 episode 2, we are joined by Phil Burgess.  He is the Chief People Officer at C Space. Their journey from a toxic culture to an exceptional company culture has been just that, a journey.  In this real life and revealing conversation, Phil shares what the team has done to improve culture and drive results.

In the show we cover:

- What causes a company to need a culture change

- Why employee engagement is so important

- Why business results change when you fix the culture

- Why culture change takes time

- What is the value of improving the culture

- How to get people on the culture change bus

- What can a company do to get the company to change

- Why transparency is a catalyst for culture change

- Why core values help drive culture

- How to lead culture with remote workers

- What to do if people don’t buy into the culture

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