How to Think About Entrepreneurship and Capitalism with Patrick Bet-David

“The sooner you can get clear on what you want, you will have an edge on everyone else”

In season 9 Episode 3, we are joined by Patrick Bet-David. He is a successful entrepreneur, CEO of PHP (a financial services company), the creator of Valuetainment, (youtube channel that has well over 300k subscriber and videos that have accumulated millions upon millions of views.) 

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You can find Patrick on his website or check out Valuetainment on Youtube.

In our conversation we cover:

- What is Entrepreneurship?

- Why Entrepreneurship is so important today?

- Why helping people is so important?

- Why you can’t be selfish in business and make it over the long term

- What you can learn from Walmart to help you in business

- The best thing that can happen to an entrepreneur

- How to judge a successful leader or coach?

- What’s harder leading at work or leading home?

- Why it’s important to invest in your own mind

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