How to Be a Patient and Wise Leader with Pat McCrory

“Wisdom is taking things you have done in the past and applying them to mistakes in the future to change the outcome.”

In season 10 episode 2 we are joined by Pat McCrory.  The former North Carolina Governor and Charlotte mayor shares leadership wisdom and experiences with us. Regardless of the political aisle you sit on there is a lot to learn from him in this episode. 

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In our conversation we cover:

- Why we all need to take initiative

- Lessons Learned in Leadership from being in Political Office

- Why wisdom is so important

- How to do discern difficult decisions

- Pat’s advice to young professionals

Favorite Quotes:

"The biggest adjustment isn’t in winning but in losing"

"The longer you stay in an office, the longer your integrity is going to be challenged"

"We are all born with a divinity and skill within us. With those skills we are called make a difference and fulfill our potential”

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