Serve to Be Great with Matt Tenney

"The shift needed with Servant Leadership is to know that everyone has legitimate needs both personally and professionally. It's the leaders job to ensure their people meet those needs."  In season 5, Episode 5 we are joined by Matt Tenney a social entrepreneur and the author of Serve to Be Great: Leadership Lessons from a Prison, a Monastery, and a Boardroom and The Mindfulness Edge.  He envisions a world where the vast majority of people realize that effectively serving others is the key to true greatness. He also has a unique and fascinating story where he planned to steal $2.7M from the government only to determine it was a bad idea but it was too late and it landed him in a military prison for almost 6 years.

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 We covered some of the following topics:

- Servant leadership defined

- Why defining your primary drive is important

- How to sustain servant leadership?

- Why engagement is a huge part of the success of team

- How leaders can cultivate really powerful relationships

- Why changing your email patterns can make a big impact on you

- Why being more present in life is so important

- How to think about Mindfulness in your life

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