The Discipline Required to be a Leader with Mark Hood

Leadership Requires Great Discipline Because You Can’t Turn it Off. In season 4 Ep. 5 we are joined by Mark Hood.  A passenger on flight 1549 that flew into the Hudson, a former US Marine, former VP of Sales and now Senior Consultant at Sales Performance International.  

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In our discussion we didn't just cover flight 1549 we talked at length about leadership lessons learned from the Marine Core such as: why being a disciplined leader is so important, and why great leaders lead from the front.


A few other highlights from the discussion include:

- 4 Leadership Principles from the Military

- Know yourself and seek self improvement

- Be technically and tactically proficient

- Know your people – Strengths and Weaknesses

- Keep your people informed 

- What makes a leader successful?

- Why mission is so important in leadership

- Why fear and worry do nothing for you

- How to have the courage to stand up in the face of adversity

- Why modern professionals always have to prepare up

- Why great leaders know what’s happening when they aren’t there

- What 3 great leaders would Mark have dinner with?

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