The Best Leadership Example of I Can Find with Jason Lippert

Lippert Quote

"I try to encourage and inspire every leader in our company to serve their teams."

In Season 16 episode 1, we are joined by Jason Lippert the CEO of  Lippert Components Incorporated (LCI), a $2.0+ billion revenue company with 11,000 team members across the US, Canada and Italy. They are a supplier of specialized and complex component solutions for our customers in the RV industry, manufactured housing, leisure and mobile transportation industries.

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In our conversation we cover:

- Why organizational leadership should stop managing based on results

- How generations thought differently about the development of people

- Why Jason believes "Everybody Matters"

- How to create a business where people are truly valued

- Why Core Values are so important in leadership

- What is a "dream manager"

- How to drastically reduce lower turnover

- Why culture is so important to LCI's success

- How to attract great talent

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