When You Take Risks the Sky is the Limit with LinkedIn Expert Lindsey Boggs

In Season 2 Episode 5, we are joined by LinkedIn expert Lindsey Boggs of lindseyboggs.com. She trains and consults world class organizations such as SAP, LinkedIn, Oracle, on how to leverage social selling to win more business. She was highlighted at LinkedIn Connect in 2015 and named one of the "World's Top Sales Professionals." 




She was amazing on the show and there is so much any professional can learn from her career. We covered a ton of ground including:

- Why finding mentors is so important

- How to find mentors

- Why you have to find mentors

- Why you are only in control of your own destiny

- Why you should have mentors outside of your organization

- When you Take Risks the Sky is the Limit

- How to "Act as If"

- How to leverage LinkedIn to increase professional opportunities

- How to set up your LinkedIn Profile

- What famous leaders she would have dinner with

- And much more.

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