Great Things Aren't Built Overnight with Joshua Davidson

In season 2 episode 6 we are joined by Joshua Davidson @dasjoshua, the CEO of Chopdawg. An award winning application development company helping entrepreneurs and organizations make great ideas become a reality. He consistently shares value to his 650k+ followers on Twitter and Snapchat on topics such as startups, technology development and productivity improvement.


At 23 he is the youngest professional to be on the show but there is much to learn from Joshua. We covered a ton of ground in the discussion including:

- Why he started a company at 16

- What large organizations can learn from a young workforce

- How to work more efficiently and improve your work life balance

- Why they work remotely

- Why Slack has changed their business

- Why he doesn't have mentors

- How to stay patient in building a business

- What's hard about leading a small team

- How to get teams to buy into your vision

- Why this era is a modern day gold rush

- What advice do you give young professional who aspires to big things

- How customer service should be the key to all teams

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