What's the Right Application of Your Curiosity with Jessica Carson

Jessica Carson is currently a Director at NextGen Venture Partners. She has successfully scaled and engaged two community-centric startups and is now pouring that experience into her work venture capital. What makes her different is she is dedicated to applying psychological capital to entrepreneurship, venture capital, and workplace dynamics to maximize interpersonal relationships, professional satisfaction, and overall wellbeing. You can find her writing about all of these topics on the The Huffington Post and her blog, ColorfulCortex: www.colorfulcortex.co 


We covered a lot in our discussion including:

- What is the right application our curiosity

- Why you don’t have to have a passion driven career

- What the most successful leaders of startup companies have in common

- Why building a network is so critical in our professional world

- What do VC’s look for in founders and is it different as the business scales

- Why we all need to be good at telling our own story

- Why it’s so important leaders are open to feedback

- Why every organization can be a purpose driven company

- Should you drop the proverbial J-O-B in corporate America for something entrepreneurial?

- What you should really be doing on social media

- And all the hard the questions about Venture Capital and Private Equity

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