How to be a Social Leader and Seller with Jamie Shanks


In Season 4 Ep. 7 we are joined by Jamie Shanks the CEO of Sales for Life. Jamie is the author of the new book Social Selling Mastery and is known as a world leading Social Selling expert. He and his company have now trained over 65,000 of sales professionals from Fortune 500 companies to solopreneurs.

You can learn more about the book and Jamie:

On social: @jamietshanks

The Book:

The Company:

We covered a lot of ground in the discussion including:

Jamie’s background 2:30

Learning the skill of being a CEO 5:47

Why leaders need a threshold for failure 7:37

Why modern professionals should care about social selling 10:23

Why leaders should care about social selling 12:45

Why the best leaders are social 18:33

The best investment a professional can make 26:53

How to stand out as a professional 28:43

Why it’s important not to be the smartest person in the room 29:23

Why the best leaders think in scale 29:53

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