Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable with Meredith Wailes

In this episode I sit down with expert consultant Meredith Wailes.  Meredith is the President at Bloom Leadership ( and Partner at RJP a best in class recruiting firm.  She brings her energy, insight, and a wealth of experience to help develop executive leaders.

In this conversation we cover a lot of ground, including:

  • Companies use traditional methods to promote and why its wrong
  • Most important leadership traits to develop: goal oriented, drive, social skills, and emotional intelligence
  • Why it's important to get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Make the choice to be intentional about finding opportunities to learn
  • Go out of your way to build professional relationships
  • Her favorite way to get away and relax
  • How to be proactive to start your day instead of reactive
  • The best meditation app.


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