How to Handle Generational Differences in the Workplace with Jessica Kriegel

In Season 2 Episode 4, we are joined by Dr. Jessica Kriegel, a generational differences expert and author of Unfairly Labeled. She works as an Organizational Development Consultant for Oracle Corporation, where she acts as an adviser and strategist in matters of organizational development, change management and talent development.

In 2013 she completed her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Management with a specialization in Human Resources Development from Drexel University. She was awarded the Association of Talent Development "One to Watch" Award in 2015 and Training Magazine’s “Emerging Training Leaders Award” One to Watch in 2014.



We covered a ton of ground in our discussiong including:

- Why generational differences in the workplace are nothing new

- What surprised her most about her research

- Why being proactive is important in both small and large businesses.

- How to handle the fear of failure you take chances

- What bad things happen when organizations stereotype millennials

- How important taking risk is even in corporate world

- Why chasing achievement isn’t enough

- What specific things can young professionals do to stand out

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