Be Humble, Stay Hungry and Always Hustle with Ryan Estis

Ryan Estis Quote

You don’t have to wait until the end to leave a legacy, you can begin leaving one right now through the impact you have on other people

In season 15 episode 2 we are joined by Ryan Estis.  He is a highly sought-after speaker and trainer who supports some of the world's leading brands. 

You can learn more about Ryan here.

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In our conversation we cover:

- Why watches matter

- Why time is our most valuable resource

- Why people are hungry for great leadership

- How Edward Jones provides a great example of leadership

- How you change an unhealthy organization

- What does the future of work look like

- Are people at an advantage without kids?

- What is one of life’s most interesting questions

- 2 daily questions you should ask yourself daily

- Why you should live with no regret

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