How Do You Want to Be Remembered with Dylan Slattery

Slattery Quote Image

“We all have courage inside of us, we just have to find it.  When we do that, we will unlock a version of us we can’t even imagine.”

In season 20 episode 2 we are joined by Dylan Slattery. He is a 2x cancer survivor, Podcast Host, Mental Health advocate, Performance Coach, and Mentor.

During the show we cover:

- Why denial hurts you so much

- Why excuses cause so many issues in your life

- What a cancer diagnosis feels like

- How to be more vulnerable with your people

- What you can learn from the footprint stories

- Why cancer can give you something to fight for

- Why you have to be willing to let people in your life

- Two Powerful questions to ask yourself

- What seeing death can help you in your life

- How do you want to be remembered?


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