How to Lead in an Authentic Way with Dr. Will Sparks

Will Sparks Quote Image

“When we replace scarcity with abundance, it allows us to be at our best”

In season 21 episode 1 we are joined by Dr. Will Sparks.  He is the author of the new book Actualized Leadership and the creator of the ALP Assessment.  You can take the free ALP assessment at

In the show we cover:

- Why it's important to be vulnerable as a leader?

- Why Jerry Harvey made such a big impact on his life

- What is the Abilene Paradox

- Why is courage so important in leadership

- Why codependency can be so damaging as a leader

- What is our ego and why it’s important to understand

- Why it’s important you understand your leadership shadow

- How do we better respond when we know our leadership shadow

- Why Gratitude is such an important part of happiness

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