What’s Your Greatness Statement with Don Yaeger

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“If the people around you aren't ok with what you are willing to sacrifice to be great, it won’t last long.”

In season 20 episode 1 we are joined by Don Yaeger. He is an 11-time author, spent 25 years at Sports Illustrated, and is an accomplished professional speaker.  You can learn more about his work and Journey to Greatness Course here.

 In the show we cover:

- What Does Greatness Mean

- What most people aren’t willing to give up in order to be great

- What habit separates the greatest from the others

- What role does a leader play helping a team understand the sacrifice

- Why preparation is so important to success

- Great questions to ask to better understand your people

- Why mindset and visualization is so important for success

- How Serena Williams visualizes victory

- What’s the best way to get better at visualization a professional

- What does it mean for you to be great

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