Doing Great Work With Great People Featuring Bryan Delaney

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 1 with Cofounder of Skookum Bryan Delaney. He and co-founder James Hartsell started Skookum in 2005 because they noticed a massive disconnect between the problems that businesses need to solve, and the unintuitive, boilerplate technology they're often forced to use to solve them. Bryan believes that the creative application of technology can help businesses create more revenue and realize new efficiencies. So far, Skookum has helped companies like Lowe’s, Coca Cola Bottling, FedEx, and Honda hit those goals, and they've built an awesome team and culture in Charlotte in the process.


We covered a ton of ground in our discussion including:

- What the first employees had to have

- Why core values come from company leaders

- Why it's important for leaders not to settle

- The keys to partnership

- What leadership is all about

- Why its so important to park your ego at the door

- How to hold people accountable through teamwork

- Why he believes others should grow past their leaders

- How to be a great parent through deliberate actions

And much more.


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