How to Find Your Voice with Andrew Davis

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“If you want to be a better leader focus on what is the next thing you need to do be a better leader. It’s a quest, not a destination.”

In season 19 episode 4, we are joined by Andrew Davis a bestselling author and internationally acclaimed keynote speaker. You can follow him on Instagram @drewdavishere.

In the conversation we cover:

  • Why you should be looking for the next career opportunity
  • Why you should tell your leader where you are trying to go
  • Why you shouldn’t use fear as a motivator
  • Why it’s important to connect to the emotional side of others
  • How to tell better stories to create an emotional connection
  • What has changed about marketing leader must know
  • How to think about leadership today
  • What is the difference between leading a team and being a soloprenuer

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