How to Use Urgency to Thrive as a Leader with David Schroeder

“Today’s business environment is different; everything is measured in the inches that make you different or better than you competition.” In season 7 episode 6 we are joined by David Schroeder the Vice President of Quicken Loans Mortgage Services. He has been an integral reason for their rapid growth and is one of the best corporate leaders around.

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We covered a lot of ground in our discussion including:

  • Why culture is so important to a team’s success
  • How does someone go about having urgency?
  • How to navigate high growth companies
  • 3 simple tenants leaders should look for in people
  • What do team members do to stand out from the rest
  • Why it’s important for team members be in the know
  • Why it’s the leaders responsibility to be open to new ideas
  • What every leader can learn from Cleveland Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert
  • What every young professional should do regardless of experience

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