The 4 Pillars of Success with Dale Partridge

Dale Partridge is a leader who believes "success at work without success at home, isn't not success at all."  In Season 3 Episode 3 we are joined by Dale Partridge a professional blogger, best selling author of People over Profit, keynote speaker, and founder of Where he helps people create the business and life they want.

You can find him and his large following on social media @dalepartridge

There is a ton to learn from Dale. In our discussion we covered:

- What is Leadership

- Why we should all strive for self-mastery

- Why we should strive to have it all

- What is the next level of Leadership

- How we are a victor, not a victim

- Why leaders must be above reproach

- Why we all need “safe” people and how to find them

- The 4 Pillars of Success

- How professionals can stand out from the crowd

- College is bad, education is not

- Why TIME is so critical in personal and professional relationships

- Why you can’t lead at work if you can’t lead at home

- What we can learn about leadership from John and John Quincy Adams

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