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What’s Your Greatness Statement with Don Yaeger

“If the people around you aren't ok with what you are willing to sacrifice to be great, it won’t last long.” In season 20 episode 1, we are joined by Don Yaeger. He is an 11-time author, spent 25 years at Sports Illustrated, and is an accomplished professional speaker.  You can learn more about his work and Journey to Greatness Course here.  
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How to Model the Best Sports Captains of All Time with Sam Walker

“It’s hard for a lot of managers to lower themselves in relation to the team.” In season 19 episode 8 we are joined by Sam Walker. He is a columnist for the Wall Street Journal and author of The Captain Class; which documented the greatest teams of all time and the captains behind them.  You can follow more of Sam's work, www.bysamwalker.com and follow him on twitter @samwalkers.  
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The Best Leadership Advice I Know with John Eades and Sherri Kong

“It’s a lot easier to come up with a great strategy when the mission is clear” In season 19 episode 7, Sherri Kong interviews John Eades for a Ph.D. Project for Leadership Studies.  Sherri is a Certified Executive Coach specializing in helping leaders reach their professional goals as well as improve their team's ability to collaborate and generate innovative solutions.
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How to Build an Exceptional Company Culture with Phil Burgess

“Don’t treat the symptoms treat the fundamental cause of culture issues”In season 19 episode 2, we are joined by Phil Burgess.  He is the Chief People Officer at C Space. Their journey from a toxic culture to Elite has been just that, a journey.  In this real life and revealing conversation, Phil shares what the team has done to improve culture and drive results.  
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