Robert Caslen

Leveraging Character in Your Leadership with General Robert Caslen

“If a team is going to be successful, they have to trust their leader.  To built trust, you have to be a leader of great competence and character.” In season 21 episode 3, we are joined by Retired General Robert Caslen.  The United States Army officer who served as the 59th superintendent of West Point from 2013-2018.  He was also in Operation Desert Storm, the Pentagon during the 9/11 attacks (reentered the Pentagon), and the Irag War.  
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Will Sparks

How to Lead in an Authentic Way with Dr. Will Sparks

“If leaders reframe their job to be around the development of their team as opposed to managing every outcome to their definition of perfection, it will have a profound impact to their success and on the lives of their people.” In season 21 episode 1 we are joined by Dr. Will Sparks.  He is the author of the new book Actualized Leadership and the creator of the ALP Assessment.  You can take the free ALP assessment at  
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