Leveraging Character in Your Leadership with General Robert Caslen

Robert Caslen Quote Image

“If a team is going to be successful, they have to trust their leader.  To built trust, you have to be a leader of great competence and character.”

In season 21 episode 3, we are joined by Retired General Robert Caslen.  The United States Army officer who served as the 59th superintendent of West Point from 2013-2018.  He was also in Operation Desert Storm, the Pentagon during the 9/11 attacks (reentered the Pentagon), and the Irag War.

During this incredible conversation, we cover:

-Can servant leadership be taught?

- What to do when a team member isn’t a part of the team?

- Why character is so important in leadership

- How to build trust with team members

- How can a leader share their character on an ongoing basis?

- How can a leader build trust with their team?


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