How to Build a Company You Truly Want to Work For with Casey Crawford

“When you are in an environment and a culture that is lifting up servant leadership and lifting up excellence, you get swept up in the current of that.”

In season 9 episode 8 we are joined by Casey Crawford the CEO of Movement Mortgage. The former NFL player turned Entrepreneur leads a rapidly growing company that employs 4,000 people and is making a huge impact on the world.  You can learn more about their incredible culture and company at

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In our conversation we cover:

- What he learned from playing one of the worst teams in NFL History?

- What’s the difference between bad and great teams?

- Where Casey learned servant leadership

- What is servant leadership?

- Why it’s a leader’s job to create more leaders not less

- Why you have to love people in order to be successful

- What’s harder leading at work and leading at home?

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