How to Elevate Your Career The Right Way

"Once you take ownership of your own development, you will have the opportunity to turn the corner and perform at levels you can't even imagine" In season 7 Episode 5, I take this episode solo to cover one our most popular blogs ever "How to Progress Faster In Your Career and Become a Leader," which had over 30,000 views and 3500 likes/ comments.

We cover in detail the F.M.L. Framework for Standing Out and Being a Leader.  The framework is a series of best practices and lessons to you elevate your career and be a leader worth following.  

1. F - Follow First

2. M - My Development

3. L -Lead By Example

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

"If you can't learn to follow, you aren't ready to lead"

"People will create a perception of you baed on your actions, whether you like it or not"

"You have the ability to earn credibility and build trust through your actions"

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