Characteristics of Exceptional Professionals with Bob Skea

In Season 4 Episode 1 we are joined by Bob Skea. Bob has over 25 years of executive business experience in general management, sales, strategy and operations. Bob is currently Head of the Americas for Dun & Bradstreet, overseeing $1.2 billion in revenue and hundreds of sales and service professionals, a position he has held since November 2014. Bob’s previous role was Executive Vice President of North American Sales at Interactive Data Corporation (IDC), where I first met him. His experience working in large and small companies was knowledge that was too good not to dig into and learn from.


We covered a lot of ground in the interviewing including:

- Why developing you own leadership style is so important

- What’s the hardest thing about managing people?

- Why allowing people to grow is so important

- The hardest thing about leading large global teams

- What People are really motivated by

- How to get short-term results while focusing on people development

- What are the 4 Ways to Stand Out as a Professional

- What’s harder leading at home and at work?

- Why it’s so important to blend work and personal lives

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