Trust is the Ultimate Human Currency with Bill McDermott

 Bill McDermott is Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Executive Board of SAP, the world’s business software market leader with approximately 320,000 customers in 190 countries. He leads the company’s nearly 80,000 employees and more than two-million-person ecosystem in executing SAP’s vision and strategy to make the world run better and improve people’s lives.  He is an author of Winner’s Dream: A journey from the Corner Store to the Corner Office. He is so passionate about sharing his professional story to help others.

We covered a ton of ground in our discussion including:

- Why no one can take away your professional dream

- What one bit of advice he gives to every modern professional

- Why having a business purpose is so import

- What on thing leaders will never be forgiven for

- Why leaders choose trust

- Why it’s so important to have people better than you

- Why passion is so critical in business

- How to create followers

- Why You Have to Give Trust to Get Trust

- Why people really desire a leader that understand purpose

- How to set a big vision in tough situations

- What's harder leading at work or at home?


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