How to Perform at Your Highest Level with Ben Newman

“Our ability to perform at our highest level is recognizing the disciplines and behaviors that have made us successful but believing at a deep level that we can achieve great things.”  

In season 9 episode 4 we are joined by Ben Newman. He is a highly regarded Performance Coach, International Speaker, and Best-Selling Author, whose clients include top companies and professional athletes.  In one of our most motivational episodes of all time Newman challenges you to overcome the challenges in your life and reach for big goals.  

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In our conversation we cover:

- Why obstacles ultimate can become your biggest opportunity

- Why sports and business blend so well together for leadership lessons

- Why mental toughness is so important in life

- Why positive actions steps can make all the difference

- How to discover your purpose as a professional

- Why it’s important to have strong relationships

- Why he uses @continuedfight social handle

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