Dominate Your Thoughts with Amber Selking

Amber Selking Quote

“When the brain is in a positive state it thinks more clearly, more creatively and it problem solves better”

In season 14 episode 5, Amber Selking of Selking Performance joins us.  Dr. Selking serves as the Mental Performance consultant for Head Coach Brian Kelly and the Notre Dame Football team, hosts a weekly podcast entitled "Building Championship Mindsets." 

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In our conversation we cover:

- How to create an environment conducive to high performance

- What is a Championship Mindset?

- How does someone go about building strong positive beliefs

- Her favorite leadership lesson from legendary football coach Lou Holtz

- Why Jeremiah 29:11 is an influential scripture in life

- Why you can be transformed by your mind

- One of the best social media tactics you will ever hear about

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