Millennial Turnover, Why People Matter Most, and Hiring Best Practices with Ted Williams

Ted Williams (@ted_williams) is the cofounder of the Charlotte Agenda. His story is a fascinating one and his out of the box ideas will help a young professional to a seasoned CEO.  

We covered a lot of topics in our conversation including: 

    • Is the millennial turnover problem a good or bad thing?
    • Why the return on investing in people will always be beneficial
    • Why it’s important to have people smarter than you around
    • Why looking at the downside of risk is important 
    • What companies are looking for in potential employees
    • Is it possible to add value regardless of what company you work for?
    • Why everyone needs to be able to sell
    • His fascination with why companies keep doing things that don't work
    • What the big keys are to leadership
    • Why having goals is so important
    • Why execution is #1 
    • How to increase your learning cycles
    • The things young professionals can’t screw up

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