Why Life is a Better Teacher than Any Leader with Steve Richard

Being a leader who leads from the front lines is an important way to lead. In season 3 episode 1 we are joined by Steve Richard. Steve is a founder of ExecVision.io and thought leader in sales performance improvement space. His mission and life's work is helping sales people and sales organizations be wildly successful. At ExecVision he leads the sales and marketing teams and is passionate about the development of his team and the teams of their clients.  

We covered a ton of ground in our discussion including:

- What we do today will make us be better tomorrow

- Why Culture is what happens when you aren’t there

- What’s the best interview question to ask is

- Who has the confidence and guts to do it

- The keys to entrepreneurship

- The discipline it takes to lead

- What we can learn from Stonewall Jackson

- Why it’s important leaders lead from the front

- Leadership lesson from Seahawks coach Pete Carroll

- What is the definition of micromanagement

- The keys to getting people to move in the same direction

- Why it’s important to have a model of what good looks like

- What all young professionals should look for in their first job

- Why Life is a better teacher than any leader

- Why it’s important to look for the right job for you

- What three leaders he would have dinner with

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