How Leaders Stack the Deck in Their Favor with Roderic Yapp

Roderic Yapp is the founder of Leadership Forces - a specialist leadership development organization that supports fast growing companies in London, UK.  

We covered a ton of ground in our discussion, some highlights include:

- Why companies value people over profit

- Statistics beyond management failures in the workplace

- Why people leave people not companies

- How to keep customers by taking care of your people

- Why organizations don’t feel their millennials are ready to lead

- Why leaders aren’t born but made

- What the definition of leadership is

- Why having an organization vision is so important

- Why purpose adds value to organizations

- How to define your business or team purpose

- The one way to add value to the workplace

- Why tracking leading KPI’s is more important than Lagging KPI’s

- What are you working towards and why are you doing it

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