Leap and Grow Wings on the Way Down with David Hughes

David Hughes (@dhughessales) has 30+ years of experience in Sales and Executive Management specializing in turning around under-performing teams and generating results by using proven strategies.  He has led teams at great companies like SAS, Purolator and now is the Executive VP of Sales and Marketing at Longview Solutions.

 We covered a ton of ground in our discussion, some highlights include:

  • What is a Waterloo?
  • Why it’s important to allow people to fail
  • Why it’s important to Leap and Grow Wings on the Way Down
  • How to know when to take risk
  • Why everyone needs a mentor
  • Why it’s more about wisdom not knowledge
  • The 3 secrets to developing yourself
  • Why it’s important to “go off to the mountain”
  • What sales is all about and why everyone is a sales person
  • What great sales people do?
  • What learning really is all about?
  • Why it’s important to focus on things outside of results
  • What the most important virtue in sales is
  • A great book- “The Speed of Trust” by Stephen Covey Jr.
  • Why Millennials are the smartest generation of any generation before them
  • What young professional can do to build trust?
  • Take ownership of your career
  • Prove your good at your current role prior to looking for a promotion
  • If you can dream it you can do
  • Don’t stop being provocative
  • Zig when others are Zagging

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