The Most Important Thing Leaders Look for in Young Professionals

In Season 2 Episode 3, we are joined by Lee Caraher, the CEO of Double Forte which she founded in 2002 to work with great people, doing great work, for good companies. She is the author of Millennials and Management, the essential guide to making it work at work. She has a reputation for building cohesive, high producing teams who get a lot done well and have fun at the same time.



We cover a lot of ground including

 -How to discover what you want to do

- Why ‘Talking Straight’ is so important in business

- Why signing paychecks is a wake up call as a leader

- The importance of being able to make decisions

- You can only lead people that want to follow you

- Most important thing leaders look for in young professionals

- Why so many young professionals are disappointed with their careers

- What is so different about millennials in the work place

- Please and thank you is everything

- Why having a mentor is ridiculously important

- Hold your tongue for a few weeks to make an impact

- Your job matters whether you know it or not

- The importance of one-on-one with the CEO

- The books that stand out to Lee (Primal Leadership, Leadership and the Art of Conversation, and Everything Pat Lencione writes)

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