How To Be a Leader Worth Following with Duane Cummings

"You need to be serving and pouring into others. Don’t meet or build a relationship with people for what they might give you, but try to give them something first." In season 7 episode 7 we are joined by Author, Speaker, and CEO of Leadercast Duane Cummings. His example of leadership is truly second to none and he shares great stories and examples from his journey to help you on yours. 

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In our conversation we covered:

Why it’s important for a leader to do every job in the building.

Why every professional needs mentors in their life.

Why it’s important for us to seek people different than us.

How to be empathetic to others.

How to best connect with the millennial generation.

What are the common characteristics of great leaders.

Why consistency is so important in leadership.

Why it’s important to be a social CEO.

You can follow Duane on social @duanedcummings.


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