Be Purposeful and Present for Breakthrough Performance with Scott Cornwell

Scott Cornwell is a board certified executive coach. He has been a successful sales and human resources executive at companies of all sizes. His latest work in leadership development at Bank of America. He brings a unique background to his executive coaching work at the Center of Intentional Leadership and a group he cofounded called “the foundation” which is provides the foundational building blocks for life, career, relationships and faith for men in Charlotte, NC.

In the conversation we cover a lot of ground, including:

  • What Leadership really is
  • What is the Trust Stool?
  • Why it's so important to be aware an present in your career
  • What is the most important leadership competency 
  • The elusive myth of the executive presence
  • How you be more present everyday
  • Why the little things matter a great deal
  • How to be culturally aware
  • Why soft skills are probably the most important skills in career advancement
  • Why there is no perfect culture
  • How professionals can help shape culture
  • Find self help development items that help shift your perspectives
  • Why the leadership 360 assessment of yourself is critical
  • Take leaps of faith in finding mentors
  • Why mentors are seeking two way value 
  • The keys to be authentic
  • Focus on being effective vs being efficient in your career



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