You Can Do This One Thing to Pay it Forward

Couple of excited colleagues giving high five

You Can Do This One Thing to Pay it Forward

No matter your position, this one act can change the trajectory of another person’s life and costs you nothing. It’s ENCOURAGEMENT.

We are all going through something whether you know it or not. We need encouragement to help us through. We all need someone to encourage us. I’m sure you’ve received it along the way. The challenge is to be that voice for someone else. We all need it.

Here are 4 ideas you can use to encourage someone:

  1. Point out their strengths and remind them of the value they offer the world.
  2. Listen to someone and don’t try to fix their problem. Just listening can be encouraging.
  3. Send a thoughtful text or note throughout the day checking on them with a few words of praise.
  4. Tell someone who has encouraged you how they made a difference in your life.

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