3 C’s to Elevate the Way You Communicate

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3 C’s to Elevate the Way You Communicate

According to a Holmes report, the cost of poor communication is $37 billion.

Communication is one of those skills that can always be improved upon. The challenge is most people believe they’re great communicators. Instead of asking what poor communication is costing you, think about what you have to gain by improving your communication.

By implementing these 3 C’s, you’ll elevate your communication:

Clear. Is it obvious what you’re asking? Is it less than 3 things?

Concise. Keep it brief. “Twitterize” your emails, and don’t be repetitive.

Conclusive. Communicate why it’s important to them — what pain will they experience if they don’t do it or what do they have to gain. Don’t leave these to chance.

Ask yourself if you’re doing these 3 things… they’ll elevate your communication to the next level.

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